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  • C2, Sector 1, Noida, India

Common Questions and Queries

What prices are your services?
Prices depend on the type of project and your budget. There can be one-time payment for fixed projects, recurring payments for ongoing projects or combination of both.
What is your refund policy?
In most cases, there is no requirement for refunding though refunds are provided in case the project is not completed.
What payment methods do you accept?
Online transfer, Credit or Debit Card, and Net Banking are preferable.
What support options are available?
The best way is through email or WhatsApp. In some cases, phone and chat support are also provided.


I am freelancer in web development, digital marketing, web applications, consulting and online businesses. I am currently located at Delhi-NCR (Noida, India).

For mid-sized and large projects, I work with virtual teams and other freelancers.